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Is it recommended for cooking ?
For tea making, boiling rice or some other low cooking it is recommended to use Medium Alkaline Ionized Water.

Honestly, it has a lot of Good Impacts for your skin, body and scalp and we recommend you to use Acidic Ionized Water.

For Body: Acidic Ionized Water works as a moisturizer and toner

For Face: Since natural Anti-Oxidants are infused Ionized Alkaline Water works as beauty and ant-aging product for your face giving you a naturally glowing skin.

For Hair: Acidic Alkaline Water serves as a natural conditioner for hair making your hair, smoother, silky and strong.

There is no such overdose of Ionized Water, however when we talk about alkalinity of water, it is recommended to drink Low Alkaline Ionized Water in everyday life.

It is difficult for human body to generate energy by processing the food we eat in an oxidized (+ve High ORP) condition

The antioxidant charge (-ve ORP) of Ionized water helps metabolism to convert fat into energy by reducing the level of oxidation in the body by converting food into energy, instead of being stored as fat in our body.However, the body never loses fat deposits unless we burn more calories than we consume.

You’ll start noticing the improvements in your body right from the start. For Example:
  • Acidity: You’ll get instant relief in acidity right from the first glass of water you drink. (Within 5 Seconds)
  • Drowsiness: Within a couple of days you’ll start feeling more active
  • Major Health Benefits: Major health benefits like cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, etc will take upto 3 months of time to showcase the results

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